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What are Leased Lines?
Contended broadband circuits suffer reduced performance due to sharing that takes place within the network. Leased lines give you a direct fibre or copper ethernet connection from your business to another office location and/or to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). The connection is not shared with other users or businesses in your area, and you therefore get the full data bandwidth all of the time.
Internet leased lines
internet leased lines Ethernet First Mile - Faster than ADSL
Our EFM internet leased line services are available in a variety of fixed bandwidth speeds from 2 MB/s to 1 GB/s. The services have zero contention, and therefore the bandwidth speed is guaranteed.
What about upload speeds?
Our leased lines are fully synchronous.
Upload speeds are the same as download speeds.
internet leased lines
internet leased lines Why not use Bonded DSL?
Bonded ADSL and DSL services typically share the connection to the exchange with other businesses and users in your locality. Bonded DSL increases the maximum bandwidth available, however the increase is minimalized particularly when the ADSL contention ratio is high. For instance, a 20:1 Bonded ADSL delivering 10 MB/s can potentially be reduced by a factor of 20 if all users are connected simultaneously. In a 20:1 contended case your ADSL would at times only deliver 500 kb/s.
What about old
Internet Megastreams and Kilostreams?

Our internet leased line replacement services allow you to upgrade and improve your current internet Megastream and Kilostream leased line connectivity. What's more, our costs will be a fraction of what you're paying now.
internet leased lines
internet leased lines Support for VoIP
Our Internet Leased lines can support business telecoms services such as VoIP between phone systems and SIP Trunks. Zero contention also means that you can guarantee voice quality far better than with business ADSL lines, and the low bandwidth of VoIP calls will not effect the overall operation of data traffic.
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